Tribunal upholds dismissal of Hydro Quebec employee over electricity theft

A labour tribunal has upheld the firing of a Hydro Quebec lineman who has been been charged with theft of electricity.

Stéphane Bélisle is awaiting trial on charges that he tampered with the Hydro Quebec electricity meter at his own home.

Bélisle was fired over the incident  in December of 2016, but filed an appeal.

The Journal de Montreal reports that in April of 2016, Hydro Quebec cut the electricity to Bélisle's home in Joliette after he failed to pay more than $2000 in electricity charges.

Bélisle is accused of subsequently using his expertise to rewire his home to bypass the meter.

His work was allegedly discovered by another Hydro Quebec employee four months later.

The labour arbitrator said given the autonomous nature of his work Hydro Quebec could no longer trust Bélisle and his firing was upheld.

The 44 year old Bélisle is now awaiting trial on theft charges.