Truck snagging power lines in Brossard caused Wednesday's massive outage

Hydro-Quebec says a truck snagging a set of power lines on a Brossard street was responsible for Wednesday's massive power outage.

Hydro spokesperson Serge Tsoto says at around 11:15, the truck driving down Provencher Blvd. eventually caused power to go out to about 40,000 homes and businesses on the south shore and in downtown Montreal.

"That sector, where the accident happened, was isolated to figure out if there was a security issue before we could get the power back on," Tsoto said.

Shortly after, the cascade of outages extended to downtown Montreal — in part, Tsoto says, the protect the integrity of the network while the problem in Brossard was being investigated.

Power was restored within the hour to the majority of those who lost it — but not before two electricians in their 20s working for a private contractor suffered severe burns when a transformer exploded in their building at the corner of Ste. Catherine and Bleury.

They were apparently trying to investigate why the lights went out.

The remain in hospital in serious condition.

The power outage, incidentally, affected a Concordia convocation ceremony going on at Place des Arts. About a half an hour into the ceremony, the lights went out, but it continued a few moments later with backup lighting.