Trudeau airport's main source of jet fuel shut down

The pipeline that supplies jet fuel to Trudeau Airport has been shut down.

The Trans-Northern Pipeline, which runs through Laval, Rivière des Prairies, Saint-Laurent and into Dorval, was closed on Friday last week so that six sections can be excavated and inspected.

In the meantime, the airport will receive its fuel by tanker truck. That means dozens of extra fuel trucks will be travelling Montreal's highways, per day until normal service with the pipeline returns.

"In order to sustain and ensure continuity of operations at the airport, the daily requirement would be to receive 45-50 trucks per day," said Robert Iasenza, president of Corporation internationale d'avitaillement de Montréal (CIAM), the company responsible for fuel management at the airport.

He says the trucks are coming from both Quebec and Ontario, so there is no specific route through town that they will be taking. 

All trucks will eventually make their way to the western end of the airport grounds.

"At the airport, there is one main fuel farm where the trucks connect to a transfer point," he said. "We have large storage tanks there that are capable of supplying the airport."
The company received notice on Friday that the pipeline would be shutting down, and was able to dip into it large fuel reserve to smooth the transition truck delivery. 

Iasenza does not expect the shutdown to affect flights. 

"We have the systems in place to receive these tanker trucks," he said. "So it's just a matter of making sure that everybody knows that mode has been switched. We were advised immediately by Trans-Northern, so we were able to organize ourselves accordingly."

The shutdown is only expected to last until Thursday, at which time truck delivery will once again be suspended, according to Iasenza.