Trudeau says Khadr settlement troubles him, but it could have cost more

Justin Trudeau says he shares the concerns of Canadians who object to reports of the government's multi-million dollar settlement with Omar Khadr.

But the prime minister says if the government hadn't settled with the former Guantanamo Bay inmate it would have cost the government as much as $30 to $40 million to settle the case.

Khadr filed a $20-million lawsuit against the government for violating his Charter rights, and has received an out-of-court settlement reportedly worth $10.5 million.

The payout has angered rank and file Canadians, as well as veterans groups, and has exposing the Liberals to scathing political attacks from the opposition Conservatives.

Khadr was sent to the U.S. prison when he was 16 years old after being captured during a fire fight with U.S. forces in Afghanistan in 2002.

Trudeau says the lesson for future governments is that when they violate a Canadian's rights, everyone pays.

Meantime, a Toronto judge has dismissed a U-S war widow's request to preserve any money Ottawa paid Khadr for breaching his rights.

The judge says Khadr doesn't appear to be planning to hide assets to thwart possible enforcement of a massive American court award against him. 



-With files from The Canadian Press