Trump administration releases list of general NAFTA goals

The Trump administration has released its goals for a new North American Free Trade Agreement: it's a list of broad themes, with some hints of irritants ahead.

The U.S. says it wants better access for its exports of agriculture _ including dairy products, wine and grain.

It also wants freer trade in telecommunications, and online purchases; new rules on currency manipulation; and an overhaul of the dispute-settlement system.

One demand could pit Canadian consumers versus bricks-and-mortar retailers: the U.S. wants to increase, by 40 times, the amount

Canadians can shop online without paying an import tax.

The release of this 16-page list comes as no surprise to the Canadian government. The Prime Minister's Office was in touch with the White House — sources say it was given a heads up in advance of the release.

NAFTA talks are expected to begin on or around Aug. 16.

The Canadian government will not produce a similar public list. It's not a requirement under Canadian law, as it is in the U.S.

Now U.S. lawmakers will have a say. They must be consulted throughout the negotiating process, and will ultimately have to vote on any deal.
Tuesday could provide an early test of the mood on Capitol Hill, when the House of Representatives holds a hearing on NAFTA.<