Turcot alert: Friday will be a tough day for West Island commuters

You may need a little extra time to get around town on Friday, if you live on the West Island.

Transport Quebec says some ramps in the Turcot Interchange will need to be closed for an extra day this weekend as work to tear down old and unused ramps goes on.

Basically, it will mean a detour for anyone travelling to the West Island from anywhere other than the downtown core, and for anyone trying to travel between lower NDG and the South West.


The following closures are slated to begin at 10 p.m. on Thursday, and continue straight through the weekend:

  • 15 South through the Turcot
  • 20 East to Decarie Expressway
  • 15 North to 20 West
  • 15 South to Highway 20 West

In addition, the following closures will happen as of midnight on Friday night:

  • 136 West to 20 West
  • 15 North from De La Verendrye (Exit 62) to Sherbrooke St. entrance
  • 15 North from Verdun/Wellington (Exit 60) to the following entrance

Crews need an extra day to safely dismantle a section of the old 15 South bridge — the tallest and widest section of the old structure.

And Martin Roy with Transport Quebec says the weekday closures won't end here — he says motorists can expect more of them this spring, and possibly into the summer as well.

"There's another major one coming in April. The exact date we don't know. It will be in April to dismantle all the 15 South over the 20 and also the railroad," he said.

He says the mammoth job to dismantle the old Turcot is now 80 per cent complete, and that it should be 98 per cent done by the summer.

CJAD 800's Matt Gilmour contributed to this report.