Turcot consortium wins quarry quarrel

The consortium rebuilding the Turcot Interchange has won a legal victory that will help speed up the project.

The Quebec Court of Appeal has overturned a lower court ruling that severely restricted the number of dump trucks moving in and out of a south shore quarry.

The owners of 26 homes on a road leading to the quarry in Varennes had argued that the constant flow of truck traffic morning, noon and night,  365 days a year, for the past two years was a constant source of disturbance.

In granting the injunction the judge said that the access route to the quarry had become their "road to hell" with more than 200 trucks a day going in and out.

The injunction prohibited truck traffic on weekends, holidays and at night, and set limits on the number of trucks allowed into the quarry on weekdays.

On Wednesday the Court of Appeal overturned the restrictions siding with KPH Turcot which cited delays in the project and ballooning costs.

Radio Canada had reported that the quarry is the only one in the region that has stone with chemical properties that help retard the corrosion of rebar in concrete.