Turcot rebuild blamed for slow pace of snow removal in Cote-des-Neiges-NDG

The city of Montreal said Friday morning their current snow removal operation was more than 84 per cent complete. 

But, the forecast is calling for more precipitation; rain on Friday, snow on Saturday.

What does that mean now for snow removal, which, on Thursday, was in the 4th of a 5-day operation?

"Some drains may be clogged with snow or ice and that could make it especially sloppy with the snow that's expected on Saturday. By law, the, (snow removal), workers have to take a 24-hour break and that starts overnight, but until then, the 3,000 workers involved, a lot of attention will be brought to clearing those drains and making sure that when the rain happens, it's able to get through", reported Max Harrold during Thursday's CTV News at 6. 

Snow removal in Outremont and St. Leonard was 100 per cent complete by Friday morning.

CDN-NDG, Southwest lagging behind other boroughs

On the other end, however, only 65 per cent of streets in the Cote-des-Neiges-NDG and Southwest boroughs have been plowed

Cote-des-Neiges-NDG borough mayor Sue Montgomery has an explanation for why snow removal in her borough might be slower than other places — part of it has to do with the ongoing Turcot interchange rebuild.

Two of the city's three major snow dumping areas are located at either end of where the work is taking place — one in the Turcot Yards; the other, in Lasalle, just off Angrignon Blvd. And Montgomery suggests snow removal trucks being stuck in traffic on the way to and from either dump is contributing to the slowness of the operation.

"Just south of here in the Turcot mess," Montgomery said, "and it affects our traffic at the best of times, so when you throw snow-removal trucks in the mix, it's difficult."

Some of the boroughs trucks have even travelled a half an hour east to the city's third dumping area, in St. Michel.

She adds problems with two snowblowers added to the delays. Also, the snow removal operation was halted at 2 a.m. Thursday to allow employees to be re-directed toward salting and sanding duties after Wednesday night's freezing rain.

-CJAD 800's Richard Deschamps contributed to this report.