Turn off your woodstoves: smog warning issued for Montreal

Environment Canada has issued a smog warning for Greater Montreal, effective until further notice.

It is recommended that people with asthma or other respiratory ailments abstain from intense outdoor physical activity until the smog warning is lifted.

In Quebec, wood heating in winter is the main source of the fine particles that contribute to smog, far more than industry or motor vehicles. It is therefore recommended that those with fireplaces or woodstoves stop using them while a smog warning is in effect. If you live in the City of Montreal, you don't have an option: residents are required by law to stop using wood-fired stoves when there is a smog warning.

The smog warning punctuates what has been a string of overcast days.  Skies should finally clear somewhat on Monday morning, though cloudcover will return by the afternoon and bring with it a significant amount of precipitation through Thursday.