Turning McGill College Avenue into a pedestrian plaza

Valérie Plante is making good on a campaign promise to turn McGill College Avenue into a pedestrian square.

"We know this place deserves so much love and attention," Plante said during a press conference on Thursday. "We have such a great view of the mountain and it's been protected in the past."

The four block strip between Sherbrooke and Ste-Catherine will be closed to vehicle traffic and will feature four distinct sections.

Plante says what those sections look like, will be up to you.

"Everything is open," she said. "Six weeks of public consultations start next month and will focus on determining exactly what the public's vision for this area is." 

"We know that people are craving to have more pedestrian areas in the downtown area, and we think this is a perfect one," she said.

A report on the consultations is expected before the end of the year, at which time the plans and costs will be announced.

The city hopes to break ground next year and to have the project finished by 2021.