Two arrested after massive Revenue Quebec data breach

Two people were arrested in Quebec City after a massive data breach at Revenue Quebec that affected 23,000 employees and past employees.

A 39-year-old woman and 46-year-old man from Quebec were arrested the day Revenue Quebec president and CEO M. Carl Gauthier informed employees Wednesday morning that an employee stole information on present and past employees, as well as some who worked in other services related to Revenue Quebec.

The general public was not targeted.

Personal information such as names, social insurance numbers and, in some cases, birth dates and salaries found in Revenue's administrative data base was targeted. The SQ say no tax records were effected.

"It's very important to reassure the population that no citizens' banking or tax confidential information was touched," said Revenue Quebec spokesperson Genevieve Laurier.

The person involved had legitimate access through his work functions, and was immediately relieved of his duties, and that there is no evidence that information was used for malicious purposes or sold to a third party.

Revenue Quebec became aware of the breach July 25, and immediately opened an investigation, but did not reveal it to employees until today in order to not disrupt the investigation or compromise any evidence.

Revenue Quebec currently employs around 12,000 employees, and all those affected will be advised formally by letter.