U.S. Congress votes to reopen government, setting the stage for a showdown with Trump

Just hours after the party took control of the lower chamber of the American Congress, Democrats passed a plan to end the two-week-long shutdown of the U.S. government.  

However, the plan faces an uphill battle as it goes to the Senate and a near-certain veto from President Donald Trump, as it includes no funding for Trump's controversial border wall with Mexico.

The vote, which closely followed party lines late Thursday evening, came after Trump pledged to continue fighting for his now-four-year-old campaign promise in a press briefing.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reminded reporters that the bill was virtually the same as one passed by the Senate by a large majority before Christmas.  She added firmly that "we're not doing a wall", and urged Trump and the Republican-controlled upper chamber to "take yes for an answer."

Trump has pledged to veto any spending arrangement that does not provide billions of dollars in funding for a wall along the country's southern border.