U.S. warship stuck in Montreal since December due to ice resumes trip home

The Montreal Port Authority says an American warship stuck in the city since Christmas Eve has finally resumed its trip to its home port in Florida.

The USS Little Rock was commissioned in Buffalo, N.Y., on Dec. 16 but was trapped by ice at the Port of Montreal less than two weeks into its maiden voyage.

A spokeswoman for the Navy said at the time that officials decided to wait until weather conditions improved before allowing the ship to continue its journey to Mayport, Fla., out of concern for the safety of the ship and crew.

But, more than three months later, early on Saturday morning, the ship finally left the city.

The 118-metre Freedom-variant Little Rock is described as a fast and agile combat ship that is capable of operating near shore as well as on the open ocean.

It's the second vessel to bear the name, and was commissioned in December alongside its Second World War-era namesake, a U.S. naval first.

The warship was equipped with temporary heaters and 16 de-icers designed to reduce ice accumulation on the hull, and the crew was provided with cold-weather clothing in light of the change to their winter plans.