Uber's future in Quebec could be decided today

UPDATE: Uber will keep operating in Quebec after all

Quebec's new, younger Transport Minister André Fortin spent his first day at his new job meeting with ride-hailing company Uber.

The multi-national company has said it would pull out of Quebec on October 14, because of new regulations being imposed by the government.

Uber is not happy the criminal background checks for its drivers would have to be performed by police instead of a private company. Another main issue is the increase in mandatory training hours, jumping to 35 hours from 20.

Both regulations are the same for taxi drivers.

Premier Philippe Couillard said re-opening talks with Uber in no way means his government will give in to demands, saying he will not bow down to a multi-national.

Couillard said that society is changing, are there are new ways of doing things but there is legislation in place and it needs to be respected.

He added if his government decides to made modifications for Uber, those same changes should apply to the taxi industry as well.

The Premier also promised to compensate cab drivers if there are financial consequences from Uber being in Quebec.

A final decision from the Quebec government is expected on Friday.