Ubisoft celebrates 20 years in Montreal by giving the gift of fun to its Mile End neighbourhood

Video game producer Ubisoft is celebrating its 20th birthday today by giving a playful gift to the people near their headquarters in the Mile End district - a gift that'll last all summer long.

"Transforming the area into what we'd like to say Montreal's biggest playground for the summer," said Ubisoft spokesman Cédric Orvoine in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

That means putting about 40 old fashioned games into the streets, alleys and parks around their head office on St. Laurent Boulevard - two kilometers wort

"Bigger than life board games, some soccer fields and hockey paintings on the ground and in the alleys so people can play," said Orvoine.

There'll be other games that'll bring you back to your childhood: a giant Boggle word game, playful picnic tables, hopscotch squares, lending librairies but for games.

"Whether board games or chess games or all kinds of games, the concept is people can go pick the games and play with the games, and whether they want to exchange or put other games ( in the lending station)," said Orvoine.

Ubisoft went from a couple of dozen workers to being the world's biggest video game developer, employing over 3000 people, its office building on St. Laurent Boulevard injecting new life into an area that has prompted other businesses such as restaurants and cafés to crop up. 

Orvoine said it's important to give back to the residents of the area who will benefit and participate.

"It's basically organized around the theme of playing, because playing is all about being together, all about interacting and all about social interaction and fun," said Orvoine.

The company kicks off the summer-long games initiative with family-friendly festivities starting at noon today including food trucks, a beer garden and a concert with bands and a DJ until 11 p.m.