Unexplained symptoms in Cuba sparks recall of diplomatic family members

The families of Canadian diplomats serving in Cuba are being recalled as a response to mysterious incidents which have plagued some staff and dependents.
    The move comes after 10 Canadians continue to show unexplained brain symptoms, officials say.
    That number includes an unknown number of children and non-diplomat family members, but government officials are giving no further breakdown, citing privacy concerns.
    Government officials, who briefed journalists on the condition of anonymity, say the ongoing problems are raising concerns about a new type of acquired brain injury, the cause of which remains a mystery. Officials say the cause could be human-made.
    Spouses, children, or even parents of Canadian diplomats currently accompanying them in Havana will begin leaving the Cuban capital immediately.
    Havana has now been declared an ``unaccompanied post'' in the Canadian foreign service,  a designation Cuba now shares with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and South Sudan.