UPAC monitoring Charest's friendship with Liberal fundraiser: report

The close friendship between former Premier Jean Charest and construction stockholder Marc Bibeau was no secret in the halls of the National Assembly according to Quebec Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir.

"I was the first one to ask Mr. Charest about the role of Marc Bibeau at the head of a huge cement company," he says.

QMI reports that Khadir wasn't the only one suspicious of the pair's friendship, The Journal reports an investigation by anti-corruption squad UPAC monitored their travel plans, personal spending, and possibly their private communications.

Police, the article says, were working on the theory that construction firms may have made illegal political contributions to Charest's Liberal party in return for government contracts, though no charges have been laid.

"I hope that we can trust our justice system," says Khadir. "It would be really sad to realize that the justice system doesn't touch two people when they are at the summit of power."

Charest's office has not returned CJAD's request for comment.