UPDATE: Accused in Quebec City mosque shooting case yet to receive all the evidence

    A judge hearing arguments in the case of the accused Quebec City mosque shooter is expressing concern about delays due to incomplete evidence disclosed by the Crown.
    Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, is facing six counts of first-degree murder and five of attempted murder using a restricted firearm after six men were shot dead in a mosque on Jan. 29.
    The judge told both sides his concerns have to do with the Jordan decision handed down by the Supreme Court of Canada last year.
    The country's highest court ruled legal proceedings cannot exceed 18 months in provincial courts and 30 months in Superior Court in order to respect a citizen's right to be tried within a reasonable period of time.
    Prosecutor Thomas Jacques says additional evidence was given to the defence today, but the disclosure process is not complete.
    Among the elements still pending are reports on ballistics and details of what was extracted from seized computers.