UPDATE: Body of French university student found after late night drowning

The intense heat that blasted the Montreal region on Friday sent five young friends out looking for a way to cool off. Their solution was a quick dip at the abandoned Soulanges Canal near Pointe-des-Cascades in Montéregie, but their fun ended in tragedy. 

The body of 22-year-old, Celestin Owona Otele , a French student from the University of Laval in Quebec City was pulled from the water by Sûreté du Québec divers early Saturday afternoon. 

Witnesses say Otele jumped into the water, but didn't come back to the surface. He is now the third person in-as-many-years to drown following a deadly leap into the abandoned Canal. An SQ spokesperson said Otele's body was found close to where he had gone into the water. 

The lock is known to be dangerous and signs are posted noting that swimming is forbidden. A coroner has recommended a security barrier be installed in the past, but no work has been undertaken.