UPDATE: British PM condemns London attack

Prime Minister Theresa May has strongly condemned the recent terror attacks in London and Manchester, saying ``enough is enough'' and tougher measures are needed as ``terrorism breeds terrorism'' and attackers copy each other.

May was speaking a day after three attackers left at least seven dead in an onslaught in the London Bridge area, the third deadly attack in Britain since March.

She said that while the recent attacks are not connected, they are all bound by the ``single evil ideology'' that says Western values are incompatible with Islam.

She added that British authorities have disrupted five credible plots since March.

London's police chief says the death toll from the terror attack in London Bridge has risen to seven.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick told reporters that seven members of the public have died, in addition to the three suspects who used a van to attack people on London Bridge then stabbed others in the nearly Borough Market Saturday night.

The three attackers were shot dead by police within minutes.

Dick said police believed that the incident was under control, but a large police cordon remained in place in the area, south of the Thames, Sunday.

She added that police patrols will be increased in London, including those by armed officers.