UPDATE: Former world-class recording studio gutted by fire in Morin-Heights

In the 1970s and 80s, some of the biggest names in the local and international music industries flocked to Morin-Heights , Quebec, to use a recording facility called, Le Studio.  

That unique piece of Québec culture was gutted by fire early Friday morning.

“(It) could be just a cigarette. It could be somebody who lit it up. We don’t know yet,” said Morin-Heights Fire Chief, Charles Bernard.

Le Studio was a small residential recording studio located on the outskirts of Morin-Heights. Back in the day it was a recording powerhouse considered to be one of the best studios in the business.  

“When it was open, it was the place that was hiring the most people around (the region) and it was well known. The stars were coming here,” added Bernard.

Le Studio has been closed and boarded up for years, so residents weren’t too upset by news of the fire. However, several did note that the fire is a loss for Québec culture.

“It’s kind of a sad thing that with all the artists that have recorded there that it’s just gone to ruins,” said one resident who wouldn’t give their name. 

Le Studio produced hits music for the likes of the Bee Gees, Corey Hart, Keith Richards, David Bowie, and The Police, which is where this goes next - to the SQ.

The investigation into what started the blaze continues, but Bernard said recent demolition inside the building had created piles of flammable materials such as doorframes and countertops, which is what caught fire and spread to otehr parts of the structure.

Another resident commented that Le Studio was probably a lost opportunity.

“I think if they’d turned it into some sort of shrine to Rock-and-Roll it would have been a good draw for tourists.”