UPDATE: Montreal police hold off on return to camo pants

Montreal police will remain in full uniform for a little while longer, with the Montreal Police Brotherhood announcing late Friday that it will continue to ask officers to wear their regulation garb.

Non-regulation pants, usually camo or brightly coloured, have been worn by Montreal and other police forces since 2014, in protest of provincial pension reforms ushered in by the Couillard government.

Earlier this week, however, the Montreal police union said it would drop the pressure tactic as a gesture of goodwill, to "reach out" to the government and police force representatives on the other side of the negotiating table.

The union said on Monday that officers would go back to wearing their protest pants by the weekend unless different marching orders came down from the union. That directive came late Friday evening and was published by the union to social media shortly before 7 p.m.

Officers are being advised to remain in full uniform until the union says otherwise. The brotherhood also said it will provide no further comment at this time.

Montreal police officers have also been without a collective agreement since 2015 and have been taking part in intensive talks. 

—Luciano Pipia contributed to this report