UPDATE: NDP asked to form government in BC after Liberals are defeated in non confidence vote

The NDP has been asked to form a government in British Columbia after the Liberals were defeated in a non-confidence vote in the legislature, sending them to the Opposition benches for the first time in 16 years.

Premier-designate John Horgan emerged from a meeting with Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon to say he was asked to form a government after reaching a deal with the Green party on a legislative agenda.

But his fledgling government faces hurdles because even with the support of the three Green members of the legislature, the NDP can only count on 44 votes in the 87-seat legislature, putting them in a precarious position.

No members of the legislature broke ranks in the confidence vote as the Greens backed the New Democrats' to defeat Premier Christy Clark's government, ending the Liberals 16 years in power.

The Liberals lost the vote 44-42.

Clark made an impassioned plea to members of the legislature to support her government, saying voters in May's election sent a message that they want the three parties to work together.