UPDATE: Police end downtown standoff with motorist

It was a tense 2-hour situation in the downtown area involving police and a motorist who seemed to be suicidal and refused to leave his car.

Authorities set up a security perimeter saying the man,who apepared to be armed with a knife, threatened to harm himself and police, but the operation ended arond 7:30 Friday evening.

The car had been parked on St Jacques near Gauvin.

Montreal police spokesman Benoit Boisselle said the incident ended after the man, who was taken for a psychological evaluation, was subdued by officers armed with stun guns.

Earlier, Boiselle said police were taking a wait and see approach to the situation. 

"We will take the time because it's very, very unsafe to make some action against this man because he has lots of personal problems and he threatened the police officers" said Boisselle.

A number of area street closures were effect, but were lifted after the operation ended. 

Some area buildings were on lockdown for a time.