UPDATE: PQ, Liberals called out for election signs on sacred grounds

The Montreal Irish community is demanding that three election signs, erected on the sacred grounds at the Black Rock Memorial be removed.

Two large election campaign signs belonging to the Parti Quebecois, along with one for the Liberal Party, have popped up at the site where 6,000 Irish workers died and were buried in 1847.

“We find it pretty disrespectful, really,” said Fergus Keyes, one of the directors of the Montreal Irish Memorial Foundation. “I guess it was just somebody who didn’t understand the significance of the space.”

The discovery sparked outrage on social media, calling the signs unacceptable, and demanding their immediate removal.

“I think it would be proper for them to remove the signs,” Keyes said in an interview with CJAD 800 News. “We'd prefer them to do it, but we're not going to leave them up there, that's for sure.”

The signs are large and billboard style, requiring holes be dug into the grounds, according to Keyes.

 “It certainly indicates that they have a complete lack of understand of the significance, historical, cultural, and to some degree sacredness of that space,” he said.

CJAD 800 News reached out to both the Liberal Party and the PQ for comment.

A spokesperson for the PQ says they are working to remove the signs and will issue an apology.

The Quebec Liberal party issued a statement late Tuesday afternoon saying it too will remove its campaign sign and apologized for its error in placing the sign at that location.