UPDATE: Quebec public-sector workers lead Canada at taking time off work

When it comes to working, Quebecers are the country's best—at taking days off of work. 

Public sector employees, on average, were absent from work for 14.4 days in 2016, three days more than the national average.

Most of the time these sick days taken fell on Fridays and Mondays.

On a single day on March 2, 2016, more than 3,900 civil servants remained at home because of a major snowstorm.

Provincial employees were absent the most for illness or disability, taking off over 20 days from work last year, on average.

In fact, their absentee rate was double that of private-sector workers, who averaged about 10 days off for sickness or disability in 2016.

The data from Statistics Canada was compiled by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation: a non-profit interest group that advocates for lower taxes and what it calls wasteful government spending.

Union leaders and workers themselves, particularly in education and health care sectors, have said in recent years they are at-risk of increased mental health problems and burnout because of increased workload and cuts to the public sector.

A recent survey over healthcare workers found 54 per cent are showing signs of burnout. It also underscores the impact it is having on doctors, a job which carries a suicide rate that is three times the national average, according to the study.