UPDATE: Storms knock out power and A/C to 150K customers on hottest day of 2018

Sever weather knocked out power - and air conditioning - during our record-breaking heat spell last evening. Whlie it was caslm in Montreal, hail, torrential rains and strong winds with gusts up to 140 Km/h knocked down trees and power lines in some regions.

That left some 150-thousand Hydro Quebec customers without electriucity and relief from the heat on Monday night.

The hardest hit regions include the Laurentions, Lanaudiere and across the river from Ottawa in Outaouais. 

The extent of some of the damage has left Hydro-Quebec unable to provide exaCT estimates about when full power will be restored. The utility sent about 80 repair crews into the field overnight, with more to be added today. 

The latest outage numbers from Hydro Quebec are available below: