Vaccination clinics planned after new Montreal measles cases

Vaccination clinics are being planned following two new measles cases in Montreal. 

CTV reported they begin on Friday and go until Sunday, but details of times and locations won't be known until Friday morning.

It's "for people who are not protected and need to get a shot of antibodies or get vaccinated. Anyone born before 1970 or who has had two doses of the vaccine is considered safe", said reporter Max Harrold.

Children under 1-year old, pregnant women, or those with immune disorders should contact 8-1-1. 

Public health officials said there have been two new cases of the measles with those who had the virus going to places in St. Laurent, TMR and the West Island, including a Tim Hortons outlet in DDO.

Officials added as many as 400 people may have been exposed in at least 6 locations. 

The full list of places is up on our website: 


- With files from CTV