Valerie Plante pledges to work together with CAQ's Legault

Montreal mayor Valérie Plante said she is prepared to work with Quebec's newly elected CAQ government.

She stated she isn't worried about the next government.

Environmental protection will remain a focus for Plante."I will always push forward the environmental agenda because that's what needs to be done, she said.

"The way I see my role as the Mayor of Montreal with this new government is to accompany them to understand some of the issues and maybe ways to accomplish (solving the issues) without jeopardizing their objectives," said Plante at a news conference on Tuesday.

Legault has previously declined to support Plante's proposed pink metro line, which would run from Lachine to Montreal North, by was of downtown, the Plateau and Rosemont.

When asked if she were more or less optimistic about the project now that the CAQ are in power, Plante responded, "It's not being more or less... I have a vision, we have a plan, and we are moving forward."