Valois Village redevelopment plan goes back to drawing board

The mayor of Pointe-Claire says he's heard business owners loud and clear, and no longer will the Valois Village redevelopment do away with much of the area's parking.

“In the plan we wanted to remove the parking lot in front of the commercial centre and relocate to different places in different areas and it was very clear from all the people that spoke [at a recent meeting with the municipality] that they want to keep this parking lot,” Morris Trudeau confirmed to CTV Montreal. 

The planned redevelopment for the Valois Village had included doing away with dozens of parking spots along Donegani Ave. between Valois Park and Chester Ave., while the Valois Commercial Centre's large parking lot having been lost entirely.

It was something many merchants in the area could not get behind, arguing that parking is vital to their bottom line.

“They want to see a change for the better but we also need answers to the problems that we have,” said Philip Varvaro of Delibee’s Restaurant. “If you don't have parking for all your clientele how are they going to come, how are we going to sell, how are we going to survive?”

While some on-street parking was to be added to make up for the spaces lost, Trudeau said things will go back to the drawing board to ensure area parking is not lost.

A revised plan should be ready by April or May, Trudeau added, which will then be taken before council for a vote of approval.