Verdun Stabbing sends woman to hospital

An attack inside a Verdun apartment early Monday morning sent a 37 year old woman to hospital with stab wounds to her upper body. Montreal Police said here life does not appear to be in danger. 

Police spokesperson, Jean-Pierre Brabant, said they received the 9-1-1 call around 1:30am. 

"When police officers arrived they located a woman that was bleeding. She was outside an apartment on Lesage street. That woman, aged of 37, was transported  to the hospital" 

Investigators are tring to determine the cause and circumstances of the stabbing. 

"For now, it's a story that is unclear," he said. 

Meanwhile, a police perimiter was put in place for the investigation and that has closed Lesage Street between Hickson and de l'Église this morning.  

Investigators intend to speak with the victim later today to try and understand what may have caused the stabbing.