Province sends out urgent call for new foster parents

Quebec's department of Youth Protection is sending out an urgent call for foster parents, after sharp drop in the number of foster homes in Montreal over the past decade.

In 2011, the number of foster homes in montreal was 900. Now, there are just 300 — and all the while, the number of children in need of placement has held steady.

So what's behind the big drop?

"Part of the hypothesis we have is, foster parents retire. Given a certain age, they decide they no longer want to foster. Foster parents live through health issues, they have separations within the couple relationship, they choose a different vocation. So, part of all of those realities are part of what helps explain the decrease in foster homes", said Assunta Gallo, director with Quebec's department of youth protection, who spoke CJAD 800's Ken Connors.

You can call 514-356-5435 if you'd like to become a foster parent. 

The process to become foster parents involves a series of meetings, including getting to know the candidates.

Criteria include, as Gallo put it, "their capacity to parent".

For more information (in French), visit the regional health authority's web site here.