Victims of ex-ski coach witness Quebec adopt motion aimed at making sport abuse-free

Quebec's National Assembly has unanimously adopted a motion filed by sports minister Sebastien Proulx aimed at making sport abuse-free.

Four of the women who were sexually assaulted and abused as adolescents by ex-national ski coach Bertrand Charest were in the provincial legislature today when the motion was approved.

It calls for the development of a government plan to prevent all forms of sexual, physical and psychological abuse in sport.

The motion also calls on Proulx's department of education, recreation and sports to implement the action plan by 2020.

The 12 women who accused Charest of assaulting them had asked that it contain about a half-dozen proposals.

They include mandatory training for coaches, athletes, volunteers and all other persons in contact with athletes as well as accountability on the part of sports federations. Funding would also be contingent on compliance with the plan.

The women also asked for clearly defined policies and procedures to protect athletes and an independent body to investigate complaints.