Village bar urging Ville-Marie to make terrace rules more accessibility-friendly

A bar in the gay village is trying to convince the borough of Ville-Marie to make their rules regarding restaurant terraces more accommodating for those with mobility issues.

Bar Renard on Sainte-Catherine Street has an elevated terrace and a ramp to make it easiser for patrons to get into the bar.  But the borough has reportedly told the bar it has to be brought down, since under local rules it can only be a maximum of 2 inches off the ground.

But in a message on its Facebook page, the bar says that making that change would make it impossible to get from the street-level into the bar, and to the washrooms, without having to use stairs.  That isn't an option for some members of the community who have difficulty getting up and down stairs, and those who use wheelchairs.

Rather than back down, Renard is taking their fight online.  In a petition the bar calls its "reply" to the borough, the owners declare that Ville-Marie is "against universal accessibility." It adds that "the laws imposed by the borough are obsolete and must be changed."

12 hours after its launch, the petition has already nearly met its goal of 200 signatures.