WATCH: 4 teenagers arrested and will be charged after brutal student beating

Four teeangers, including three 15-year olds, have been arrested and will be charged in the vicious beating of an English Montreal School Board student. 

Another teen, a 16-year old, is being sought. 

The student, from Lester B. Pearson high school, was kicked and punched by five youths on Tuesday in east end RDP while dozens of people, including students, watched and did nothing.

The attackers, who were videotaped, are EMSB students from other schools.

As well, the board will hold a meeting on Friday in the wake of trhe incident, according to CTV.

"There will be a meeting tomorrow at the EMSB to talk about approaches to take with 4 perpetrators, who have been suspended from EMSB schools, but, more importantly, they'll discuss how to deal with students who were bystanders... address the condition of bystander apathy, whereby people are less likely to act if they're in a group sometimes out of a fear of a backlash", reported CTV's Cindy Sherwin on Thursday.

The student returned to class on Thursday.