WATCH: A $47 million overpass has disappeared, residents are not happy

Despite an earlier promise, there will be no pedestrian/bicycle route built alongside the new Turcot Interchange.

The KPH-Turcot consortium confirmed the structure has been cut from the plans during a meeting with N.D.G., Westmount and South West borough residents Tuesday evening.

"They've been trying to tell us that this bike-pedestrian path didn't even exist for a long period of time," Lisa Mintz of Sauvons La Falaise told CTV Montreal.

The pedestrian overpass did exist when the original project was pitched to residents.

"It wasn't a 'maybe that we're going to put on later' like they're saying now. This was what was put into the plan to make it acceptable to the public" Mintz said.

Opinion to the Turcot project received overwhelming opposition from the public during its provincially-mandated environmental review. Mintz said in a bid to convince residents, the Ministry of Transportation added the overpass and green space to the project, "a lot of which has since disappeared."

The structure was scrapped because it was going to cost too much money, about $47 million dollars, but Mintz said the excuse doesn't add up.

"I understood from Marc Garneau's office that money was given for this project," she said. "It was given as a bundle for the Turcot project, so, where did the money go is my question. It's 47 million dollars."