WATCH: A near tragedy for a popular Montreal band

A popular Montreal rock and roll band is in a big financial bind.

"The Damn Truth" is soliciting financial donations after a fire destroyed its tour van Wednesday night. 

It happened as the band was traveling during a tour from Sault St. Marie to Thunder Bay in northern Ontario. 

"Someone pulled up alongside us and frantically flailing their arms at us and we pulled over to the side. And right about the same time, Leela (the band's leader singer) who was seated next to me, she was saying, hey, I think I smell something, I smell smoke... it all seemed to happen at the same time. We pulled over, we jumped out", said drummer Dave Traina, who spoke with Aaron Rand.

Band members, who've set up a GoFundMe campaign, say everyone's fine, but most of their guitars, all of their merchandise and most personal belongings are gone. 

The band's facebook post says "What matters is that everyone is safe and in the spirit of rock and roll we're determined to finish our 'Devilish Folk' Canadian tour."

It's not clear what triggered the fire. 

Warning: This video contains strong language