WATCH: A year after the floods, many victims are still in limbo

It's been a year since the historic floods that affected dozens of municipalities in Quebec and many victims are still in limbo.

"From one day to another everything changed," said Martyna Marcinkowski.

"Our life has been very, very different."

Marcinkowski said the past year has taken its toll on the moral and physical health of her and her family, having to evacuate their damaged home on des Maçons St.

"My lungs were filled with mold, black mold," said Marcinkowski in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

She and her family were shipped off to a hotel. 

"Our house is still damaged, there's no floors, the walls aren't painted, we have no kitchen," said Marcinkowski.

The Quebec government only just moved them into an apartment two weeks ago. But Marcinkowski said she found out from other families that they weren't given the same treatment and were just asked to leave the hotel.

"I don't find it ok," said Marcinkowski.

She and her mother had to abort their small home business of body products, Savonnerie PureMoi - the main income for the family of four.

"It's building everything up from the ground again and it's very, very hard," said Marcinkowski.

Adding to that...

"My mom, she's still seeing a psychologist at a CLSC, because it's a huge trauma."

And on top of that, having to go through all the red tape to try to rebuild their home.

"Not good, they've lost our file a couple of times. They have no idea of when everything is due, they're not organized at all," said Marcinkowski.

They're taking the city to small claims court.

"Total negligence and lots of incompetence," alleges Marcinkowski.