WATCH: Alleged gunman visited mosque twice before killings

As the days go by, members of the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec continue to try and come to terms with the horror that prematurely took the lives of six of their brothers.

After inviting the media to visit the mosque and see what happened, those who were inside have started telling their stories.

"We heard shots, gunshots. We didn't know what was happening outside. We heard things. Explosions. Was it shots? We didn't know. So, then we scattered behind the pillars," one man named Adel told CTV Montreal. "And then he entered the room. And then he continued to shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. And he backed up twice. He reloaded."

"Our friend was lying on the ground. Our friend Azzedine. He made his way towards him. And he wanted to stop him. In that moment, he jumped. The man took a step backwards and he shot him in the face."

"And it didn't end. He continued to shoot him as he was lying on the ground."

"Somebody else ran to try and stop him. He was also a hero, it must be said. It's our brother Mohamed, who was injured in the leg. For me, it lasted an eternity. Each time I thought it was my turn, my turn, my turn."

As the stories are told how the events Sunday night unfolded, members said this was not the first time they saw the alleged shooter.

Houssine El Manoug told CTV how he spoke with a man at the mosque just days before the attack. After the tragedy he Googled a photo of the young man and said he knew right away it was the same person.

Other witnesses told a similar story.

One member said he spoke with a young man Thursday night. 

"I said 'Salam,' he said 'Hi. I love Allah.' I thought he was someone who wanted to learn more about Islam."

The chilling stories continued with more accounts of people seeing the same young man Thursday night, asking when the mosque was the busiest, and again on Saturday night.

Six men were killed 24 hours later, more than a dozen injured, five suffered critical injuries. One of the critically injured was shot five times, and doctors are not sure if he will ever be able to walk again.