WATCH: Animatch dog rescue needs a new home

An animal adoption organization that finds forever homes for fury friends is searching for its own new forever home.

Before animals are adopted through Animatch they're housed at a temporary refuge in Les Cedres. The property is owned by Animatch founder Helen Lacroix. The kennel is where many of the dogs receive medical and emotional attention.

"It's very important for them to live as a pack - it improves their social skills," Andrea St-Pierre, who takes care of animal socialization for Animatch, told CTV Montreal.

The problem for the shelter, the town of Les Cedres wants to renovate and expand its aging municipal garage, which happens to be right next door to Lacroix's home.

Officials have given Lacroix and the organization $300,000 for the property, but money is not the entire issue. The problem is finding a new piece of land zoned for a new shelter.

"For a kennel, you have to be in agriculture and have a minimum of so many square feet," explained Lacroix. "We've got that challenge from so many municipalities - 300 meters from neighbours, and this is where the big problem is."

So far their search has come up empty. With surrounding communities growing more each year, finding an available 10,000 square meters that checks all the boxes for their fixed budget has proven near impossible.

A fundraising page has been setup to help with the search.

While the future holds many unknowns for Lacroix, she said one thing is certain; no dogs will be left behind.

"My dogs, I will keep them with me," she said. "We will diminish the amount of dogs, I usually have 20, but we will diminish the amount of dogs until we find a place."

"But we cannot close - because there are too many dogs out there who need help," she added.