WATCH: Anti-immigrant sovereignty group marches downtown on Canada Day

An anti-immigration protest marched through east-end Montreal’s gay village Sunday afternoon. The group brought its own menacing-looking private “security” in paramilitary-style uniforms. At times, these men stepped in as “muscle” for angry protesters. 

“They are NOT police officers,” confirmed one cadet over her shoulder before biking towards a couple of the so-called “security” people. 

Marchers chanted “we advance, we advance, we won’t fall back,” while arguing with Montrealers who didn’t agree with them. 

An older village resident accused at least one protester of threatening him with violence after a younger man and one of the group’s security men got “in his face.” The altercation looked like it might turn violent, but ended when a Montreal police cadet moved in while officers watched nearby. 

It wasn’t a violent protest, but it also didn’t feel safe. The group’s security bullies, uniforms and tactics made the public anxious and Montreal police cadets hyper-vigilant. As the march moved out of the village it had left confused tourists and upset locals in its wake.

CJAD 800 contacted Montreal Police to ask about the security people, their tactics and whether their actions are even lawful. A police spokesperson was not immediately able to comment, but we were promised an interview in the coming days.​