WATCH: As Laval waters rise, some residents feel abandoned

As water levels continue to rise flooding is being reported in a number of areas in Laval, some residents say the city's response has left them high but not so dry.

"The city of Laval put sand at five sites. You can have the location of the sites on the Laval website at and we're giving free sandbags for all citizens," Laval Fire chief Patrick Ferland told CTV Montreal.

Anyone with questions is being told to call 3-1-1 for more information or 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency.

Some residents, like Sarah Leduc say neither number helped her.

"We call 311, they said call 911. We called 911, they said call 311," she said. "Nobody wants to take care of us. Nobody cares"

Leduc's basement is one of the dozen or so homes already hit by floodwaters, there are fears the water could reach more than 1,000 more.

She said public security officials have made their way through her neighbourhood, but at no point did anyone stop to help.

"Five cars came here, turned around, with two guys doing nothing. Five times they came in the night, they are coming, they take a look, and then they go," said Leduc.

On Thursday officials closed a section of Mille-Îles Blvd. in the Saint-François district after the roadway started to sink because of rising water.

The road is closed indefinitely over fears the flooding could cause a much larger sinkhole.