WATCH: Auditor General flags problems with city's communications system

Montreal's Auditor General is critical of the Coderre administration's handling of the project to improve communications for the city's police and fire departments.

According to Michèle Galipeau's report released Tuesday, the city needs to do a better job of planning.

The report flagged problems with the new communication system.

The system failed seven times in 2016, including one failure that lasted more than three hours.

Galipeau says the city paid an extra $54.8 million to update its communication systems, bringing the overall cost to just under $130 million.

The Auditor General says one of the main issues is spotty communication inside buildings and tunnels, where in her opinion, essential needs can't be met by the current system.

The city says the system has been running smoothly for the last 6 months but admits all the bugs will only be fixed next year.