WATCH: Bail granted for man accused of drunk driving causing death of highway worker

A 38-year-old man charged with drunk driving causing death has been granted bail.

Vincent Lemay is charged with being at wheel of a van that collided with an SUV on Highway 20 West near the Dorval circle. That SUV was bumped into a group of Transport Quebec workers, killing 44-year-old Stephane Lebel and injuring several others.

The Crown opposed granting Lemay bail, but the judge ruled because he has the support of his family he could be released.

“In 2018, when you are driving under the influence and there are those kind of consequences, I think you have to face justice,” prosecutor Alexandre Arel.

As part of his bail conditions, Lemay is not allowed to drive between 9:00 P.M. and 5:00 A.M. and or drink alcohol.

Because of a publication ban, additional details of the case cannot be reported.

The collision that killed Lebel has some groups calling for the government to do more to keep road workers safe.

Jean-Francois Dionne, president for Quebec’s Association of Road Signallers -- a group that does not represent highway construction workers -- said a barrier used in other areas, including Ontario, could have saved Lebel's life and prevent future tragedies.

The large moveable steel barriers block off the lane where crews are working, completely shielding them from traffic within a certain zone. 

Stephane Lebel had only been working for the Transport Ministry for a handful of months the night of the accident. His family told the Journal de Montreal he normally refused to work at night, saying it was too dangerous. They said he agreed to work the shift because he had missed one earlier in the week.

Lebel, who leaves behind two girls, will be laid to rest on March 3 in Laval.