WATCH: Bank of Canada's new $10 bill website has a secret

Someone on the Bank of Canada's web team has a sense of humour and likely grew up in the 80s.

When the central bank unveiled the design for the new $10 bank note, there was a hidden feature on the website.

The secret can be accessed with a special code, the Konami code.


If you don't know what that is, you likely did not play Gradius or Contra on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the mid 1980s.

Created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto, the code has been featured in many Konami games over the years and even found its way into hundreds of others not developed or published by the Japanese company as well.

Hashimoto was working on the home version of Gradius in 1985, but found the game too difficult to play through during testing. He created the now famous code to give himself a full set of power-ups in game. The code ended up being left in the final version.

Now more than 30 years after it was created, entering the Konami code on the Bank of Canada's website dedicated to the new $10 bill will play the national anthem and make it rain animated banknotes.

A Bank of Canada spokesperson said the web team thought including the Konami code on the site was a fun way to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary.

Including the code on a website is nothing new, using it on many other sites including Buzzfeed and Giant bomb, will unlock some surprises.

The special sequence has also been featured in popular culture, including an episode of the Family Guy, and in the Disney film Wreck-it Ralph.