WATCH: Bell's history is put on display

If you're interested in seeing the history of the telephone and how it has changed global communications over 140 years, a new exhibit at Pointe à Caillere museum should be on your speed dial.

Called "Hello, Montreal" the exhibit features special chosen unique pieces of Bell's historical collections, selected from a massive collection of 30,000 items normally kept hidden in a secret location.

The director of exhibits at the museum, Elisabeth Thibault, says the exhibit lets the public relive some of Alexander Graham Bell's first attempts at transmitting sound in 1876, all the way through history.

"It really changes how people communicated through the 19th century through today," Thibault told CTV Montreal.

The vast collection of ancient technology, which is rarely put on display, also tells a story of the history of Montreal and women in the workforce.

In 1900, only six per cent of Montreal homes had a telephone, but within 20 years there was a need for 2,000 trained operators to handle one million calls per day.

"Women worked as teachers, nurses, worked in houses as domestics, so this was a totally new profession for them," said Lise Noel, a Bell historian.

If you fancy a trip down memory lane, checking out early videophones and a glimpse at Jean Drapeau's police hotline, the "Hello, Montreal" runs until January 2018 at the Pointe à Calliere museum.

Bell is the parent company of CJAD 800.