WATCH: Big decisions to be made at Quebec Solidaire weekend congress

Quebec Solidaire has begun its four day congress, and a potential alliance with the Parti Quebecois is among the top agenda items.

A convergence approach would see the two parties negotiate and avoid having their candidates run against each other in key political ridings. Quebec Solidaire MNA Manon Massé says there are arguments both for and against convergence, and that the party will address the issue over the weekend.

Quebec Solidaire is also expected to decide on its spokespeople during the congress. Massé says Quebec Solidaire is a feminist party, and that it is vital that women are represented throughout. That includes choosing a male and a female to speak for the party. Massé is expected to become the next spokeswoman, while there are several male candidates including political activist Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisée has been pushing for an alliance between the two parties. Lisée says a win in next year's provincial election would be even better if the two parties combine their efforts, but maintains his party can win a majority government on its own.

Nadeau-Dubois is Quebec Solidaire's candidate in the May 29th by-election in the Gouin riding and is considered by many to be the favourite to win the by-election. There are a dozen other candidates running, including the Liberal party youth wing leader Jonathan Marleau. The PQ will not run a candidate in the upcoming by-election in the Gouin riding as a show of good faith to Quebec Solidaire.