WATCH: Border officials ready for wave of migrants



As more and more migrants make their way into Quebec illegally, authorities say they are ready for the influx.

This year has seen the number skyrocket, with nearly three times as many people seeking asylum in the province.

Throughout the first month of 2017 the Canada Border Services Agency received 452 applications, compared to 137 last January.

"There's no doubt it's touching," Brian Byrne with the RCMP said. "We try to make their misery as short as possible."

By crossing the border illegally asylum seekers actually have a better chance of staying in Canada. If they were to try and claim refugee status at a Canadian border crossing they can easily be refused due to Canada recognizing the United States as a safe country.

If someone is caught coming into Canada elsewhere, they are arrested by the RCMP, who then bring them to border officials.

That doesn't mean everyone gets to be a part of our home and native land.

"If they are not identifiable then we can detain them. If they pose a threat to the security of Canadians we can detain them. And if we don't think they'll show up to their immigration hearings we can also detain them," Dominique Fillion of the Canada Border Service Agency told CTV Montreal.

Once processed the migrants usually end up at a YMCA or the Red Cross, Fillion said.

Despite the massive spike both RCMP and U.S. Border Patrol say they will take the necessary steps to ensure the situation remains in control, even as temperatures warm and more migrants are expected to make their way to the border.

Neither side of the border would disclose how they intend to deal with the potential increase.