WATCH: Bylaw delayed preventing backyard parking spaces in Plateau

Residents in the Plateau, worried about losing precious parking spots, got a temporary reprieve.

The adoption of a controversial bylaw banning homeowners from creating their own parking spaces on their property was delayed, so that a section of the regulation could be re-worked.

The borough wants to reduce car traffic in alleys and turn them into greenspace.

Many residents use alleys to access their backyards, which have been turned into makeshift parking spots.

Resident Danny Bouchard tells CTV Montreal the borough isn't being realistic.

"They want people to get out of their cars so much, it prohibits families and it prohibits older people because they sometimes have reduced mobility," he says.

Residents showed up at Monday's council meeting en masse to protest the bylaw.

The borough says homeowners who already have private parking spots would be grandfathered.

With files from CTV Montreal.