WATCH: Can you deal with 10 more years of orange cones? Well, you're gonna have to

Believe it or not, the worst is yet to come for roadwork in Montreal.

On Wednesday, Mayor Denis Coderre unveiled details of a plan to fix the city's decrepit roads, sewers and water mains over the next five years, and that'll mean lots more streets in the city will be torn up and worked on for the forseeable future.

A new study suggests 45 per cent of the city's roads, 22 percent of the city's sewers, and 14 per cent of water mains are in bad shape.

Over the next decade, the city will be tearing up about 5,000 kilometres of roads.

Coderre says there will be compensation for businesses affected by the work, though he's yet to flesh out exactly what that compensation would look like.

He suggests, too, that during Montreal's 375th birthday celebrations next year, there will be a little bit of a reprieve from the roadwork.